Pacers vs Rockets

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Pacers vs Rockets live

The Houston Rockets (10-3) are sitting pretty at the top of the Western Conference. A win last night pushed their win total to 10 and their win streak to 5. James Harden, as always, led the way for Houston by dropping 38 points and 8 assists.

The Indiana Pacers (6-7) come off a blowout win two nights ago against the Bulls. They have stayed relevant early in the season after being picked as one of the worst teams in the league. Victor Oladipo is playing like a star for them and dropped 25 points with 6 points and assists.

Rockets look unstoppable right now, but they have mostly feasted on an easy schedule as of late. If there’s a team that can actually beat the Rockets without the benefit of some lucky breaks or a bad shooting night from the Houston snipers, it’s these Indiana Pacers. I know they’re good right now, and as long as they stay healthy they can make some real noise moving forward. This is not going to be a walkover