Big 12 Basketball Tournament 2018

Big 12 Basketball Tournament 2018 live to watch Big 12 Basketball Tournament 2018 live stream Update, Odds, Start Time, Preview, Team News and TV Info.

Big 12 Basketball Tournament 2018 live

Kansas vs. The Field has been a sucker bet in regards to the Big 12 regular-season championship. The Jayhawks have won (or shared) an astonishing 14 straight regular season titles and have dominated one of the best leagues in college basketball.

But the Jayhawks came as close as ever to having their streak snapped, needed a late-year collapse by Texas Tech to earn the top seed in this week’s tournament. Does that mean that this year’s Kansas team is vulnerable to be taken out in Kansas City? We will find out. But the Jayhawks have won only one title in the last four years (Iowa State has won the other three), and they know they will take everyone’s best shot.

The 2018 Big 12 Tournament begins on Wednesday, March 7, and will be held at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. Here is Doc’s Sports Big 12 Tournament preview and predictions

Texas Tech choked away a chance to deny Kansas the regular-season title. The Red Raiders lost four of their last five games and have been dealing with a slew of injury issues. If this team is healthy they are talented enough and experienced enough to win this tournament. But are they healthy? Keenan Evans has a toe injury, Justin Gray has a concussion, and Zach Smith has an ankle injury.

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